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Welcome to 777 Slots Casino! By engaging with our online casino games and services, you agree to abide by the following Terms and Conditions. These terms govern various aspects of your interaction with our platform, including account registration, betting procedures, and overall conduct. Please read through these terms carefully before proceeding with your account registration.

Terms and conditions 777 Slots Casino

Player’s Account Information and Usage

1.1 Account Registration Process:

To begin your journey with 777 Slots Casino, players are required to register an account. This process ensures seamless access to our wide range of games and services.

1.2 Age Requirement:

Players must be at least 21 years old to register an account and participate in our offerings.

1.3 Required Information for Registration:

During the account registration process, players must provide accurate and complete information as per the guidelines outlined by 777 Slots Casino.

1.4 Updates to Account Information:

Players are responsible for keeping their account information up to date. Any changes must be promptly communicated to ensure the accuracy of the provided details.

1.5 Prohibited User Categories:

Certain categories of individuals, such as current students and government officials, are prohibited from registering an account with 777 Slots Casino.

1.6 Truthfulness of Information:

Players warrant that all information provided during registration and thereafter is truthful and accurate. Any misrepresentation may result in the closure of the player’s account.

1.7 Account Ownership:

Players affirm that they are the rightful owners of their 777 casino slot machine account and are not acting as nominees for any other individual.

1.8 Account Security:

Players must maintain the confidentiality of their account details and refrain from sharing them with third parties. Any unauthorized use of an account is strictly prohibited.

1.9 Prohibition on Multiple Accounts:

Each player is allowed only one account with 777 Slots Casino. Creation of multiple accounts may result in suspension or closure of all associated accounts.

1.10 Responsible Gambling:

777 Slots Casino promotes responsible gambling practices and reserves the right to address any signs of compulsive gambling behavior.

1.11 Account Termination:

777 Slots Casino reserves the right to close a player’s account at any time without disclosing the reason.

Player’s Bet and Usage

2.1 Deposit Process:

Players must deposit funds into their 777 Slots Casino account to place bets. Various deposit methods are available for the convenience of our players.

2.2 Source of Funds:

Players warrant that deposited funds do not originate from any criminal or illegal activity.

2.3 Betting Limits:

777 Slots Casino imposes betting limits to ensure responsible gambling practices are observed by our players.

2.4 Accuracy of Bet Details:

Players are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of their bet details before confirming their wagers.

2.5 Crediting of Winnings:

Winnings will be credited to a player’s account upon confirmation by 777 Slots Casino. Players are encouraged to monitor their account balances closely.

2.6 Withdrawal Process:

Players can withdraw their winnings or account balance from their 777 Slots Casino account as per the withdrawal procedures outlined by the platform.

2.7 Interest on Deposits:

Funds deposited into a player’s account do not accrue interest.

2.8 Set-off of Balances:

777 Slots Casino reserves the right to set off any positive balance against amounts owed by the player.

2.9 Refunds and Errors:

In the event of errors or refunds, 777 Slots Casino will take appropriate measures to rectify the situation.


3.1 Bonus Terms:

Bonus funds may be withdrawn subject to certain conditions outlined by 777 Slots Casino.

3.2 Bonus Expiry:

Bonus funds will expire if not utilized within a specified period.

Player’s Conduct

4.1 Compliance with Rules:

Players must adhere to the rules and regulations set forth by 777 Slots Casino.

4.2 Geographic Restrictions:

Access to 777 Slots Casino is limited to players located within the Philippines.

4.3 Ethical Conduct:

Players are expected to maintain sportsmanship and refrain from disruptive behavior.

4.4 Promo Manipulation:

Manipulation of promotional offers is strictly prohibited and may result in account suspension or termination.


5.1 Deposit and Withdrawal Procedures:

Players must adhere to the deposit and withdrawal procedures outlined by 777 Slots Casino.

5.2 Ownership of Funds:

Players warrant that deposited funds belong to them and are not obtained through illicit means.

5.3 Funds Protection:

777 Slots Casino ensures the protection of player funds in accordance with regulatory requirements.

Dormant Account

6.1 Account Dormancy:

Accounts will be classified as dormant if no activity is recorded for a specified period.

6.2 Account Reinstatement:

Players may request reinstatement of a dormant account subject to certain conditions.


7.1 Linked Websites:

777 Slots Casino is not responsible for the content of linked websites or advertisements encountered by players.

7.2 Accuracy of Information:

While efforts are made to provide accurate information, 777 Slots Casino shall not be held liable for any inaccuracies.

7.3 Software License:

Players are granted a revocable license to use the software provided by 777 Slots Casino for gaming purposes.

7.4 Intellectual Property Rights:

All intellectual property rights associated with 777 Slots Casino remain with the platform and may not be reproduced without authorization.

7.5 Limitation of Liability:

777 Slots Casino and its affiliates shall not be held liable for any damages arising from player negligence or misconduct.

7.6 Data Privacy Compliance:

777 Slots Casino complies with data privacy laws and regulations to safeguard player information.

Acceptance of Terms of Use

8.1 Updates to Terms:

777 Slots Casino reserves the right to update these Terms of Use without prior notice. Players are responsible for staying informed of any changes.

8.2 Severability Clause:

In the event any provision of these Terms is deemed invalid, the remaining provisions shall remain in effect.

8.3 Player Compliance:

Players are expected to comply with these Terms of Use and any subsequent amendments.

8.4 Termination of Account:

777 Slots Casino may terminate a player’s account for breach of these Terms without prejudice to other legal remedies.

8.5 Legal Jurisdiction:

Any disputes arising from these Terms shall be resolved in accordance with Philippine law.

8.6 Acknowledgment:

By proceeding with account registration, players acknowledge their acceptance of these Terms of Use.

By continuing with your account registration, you affirm your understanding and acceptance of these Terms and Conditions governing your interaction with 777 Slots Casino. Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Support team for assistance.